Digital Discovery Pro is Now Powered by Nuix

With the same easy-to-use interface legal teams already love, you can get to document review even faster with our supercharged processing engine. 


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Supercharged Data Processing

Processing speeds up to 50 GB per hour

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New Supported File Types

Thousands of supported file types, including EnCase, Spanned EnCase, and FTK files

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Same Easy-to-Use Software

Familiar interface, with no change to the process or functionality

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By partnering with the undisputed leader in data processing, Zapproved’s simple-to-learn ediscovery platform will scale for years to come. You can be confident in its ability to keep pace as technology evolves and data volumes grow.

Why Zapproved and Nuix are Better Together

Collaboration Between Technology Leaders

Our partnership with the undisputed leader in data processing means our ediscovery platform will scale to meet the needs of an increasingly complex technology landscape well into the future. You can trust that your software will evolve alongside your business needs.

Digital Discovery Pro

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Accessible enough for anyone on your team to learn and use, with no need for hours of training, certifications, or even a law degree

Faster Insights

Perform a first-pass review in as little as 30 minutes, using a simple and intuitive interface

Unrivaled Customer Support

Know that you will be supported throughout your entire journey, from initial implementation to continuing education

Nuix Processing Engine

Unparalleled Speed

Reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare data for review, using the world’s most advanced processing engine

Unmatched Accuracy

Process your data with forensic precision, ensuring defensibility

Broad File Coverage

Review and process the growing number of data types you can expect to encounter in an increasingly digital world

How Do You Organize and Minimize Data During Ediscovery?

It’s time to cull, process, and review your electronically stored information (ESI) — but how?   Our guide includes tips on:

  • Reducing and Organizing Data: Culling and Processing
  • Determining What Your Data Says: Document Review
  • Best Practices for Processing and Reviewing ESI
  • Checklist for Processing and Reviewing ESI

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