The How, Where, Why and What of Cloud-Based Ediscovery

Understanding Why the Cloud Makes Sense for Ediscovery.

Ediscovery is a perfect fit for the benefits offered by cloud software, offering the flexibility, security, and
sheer ease of use that was unattainable with on-prem installed systems.

This whitepaper will cover the following: 

  • HOW the Cloud Works
  • WHERE Ediscovery in the Cloud is Today
  • WHY the Cloud Makes Sense for Businesses Today
  • WHAT to Look for in a Cloud Ediscovery Solution



See ZDiscovery In Action

In 30 minutes, we’ll introduce you to ZDiscovery’s automated preservations workflows and easy-to-use processing and review tools.
  • Reduce risk with a defensible preservations process and audit trail
  • Save time with automated legal hold management and tracking
  • Minimize ediscovery costs by bringing more data processing and document review in house

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