On-Demand Webinar:
Making the Case for In-House Ediscovery


Legal professionals get it. They understand the risk of using a manual, error-prone process in situations where mistakes can’t be made. And with those hefty fees for processing and hosting ediscovery data, you know that you could save so much money if you could bring more of it in-house.

So why is it that time and time again projects get pushed back, budgets can’t be allocated, and it seems impossible to gain support for critical technology purchases? While stakeholders in other departments may not understand all the ins and outs of legal processes, they do understand the need to reduce cost and risk. 

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to successfully advocate within your organization and build a business case for in-house preservation, processing, culling, and review.

You can expect to come away with advice about:

  • Deciding when the time is right for a strategic change
  • How to focus your business case
  • Leveraging performance metrics to bolster your argument 
  • What to look for in ediscovery software

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