Managing Regulatory Changes for COVID-19 and Beyond

According to Gartner, "The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown an already chaotic regulatory landscape into even greater disarray. This document offers best practices and solutions to help application leaders bring order to their organizations, both in the immediate crisis and beyond."


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We are pleased to provide their recent report here, which covers topics like:

  • "Support compliance leaders’ activities by engaging key stakeholders, identifying essential information sources, establishing reliable and relevant sources of truth, and enabling processes to coordinate analysis and response.
  • Establish an outcome-driven technology approach by selecting technology that enhances compliance leaders’ ability to make timely decisions, while streamlining burdensome, manual processes. They should avoid technology that attempts to automate decisions.
  • Improve crisis response and risk management in the long term by accounting for additional needs stemming from regulatory change, especially policy management and case management."

Gartner, Managing Regulatory Changes for COVID-19 and Beyond, Jim Murphy, Jie Zhang, Elizabeth Kim, 28 April 2020.
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